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Renting out a vacation home is usually done from a financial standpoint. An attractive return as an alternative for periods when the house is not occupied. This can be done in several ways: some people like to handle everything from A to Z themselves, others prefer to be unburdened and put the rental in the hands of a professional rental organization. The common denominator are some basic amenities that must be present in the vacation home in order to rent it out successfully. Of these, we want to highlight the essentials of fast and stable Internet.

“How many Mbps does the Internet connection have?” is the question we, as a rental organization, are getting more and more. Wi-Fi is a crucial search criterion and homes without Wi-Fi are booked significantly less. Every family today goes on vacation with multiple “devices” such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. Old-fashioned TV watching is out; chatting, Netflixing, social media and gaming is all the rage not only with the young but actually with more and more older people. The ever-increasing data bundles notwithstanding, the convenience of fast and stable Internet is an absolute must.

But there is a much more interesting trend. That divide between vacation and work has become increasingly blurred since corona. Telecommuting during the vacations, called “workcation,” is booming and seems to be here to stay. Last year, the number of requests for accommodation with separate workspace including high-speed Wi-Fi increased remarkably, and for 2023 this trend is only increasing. A rental period of 3 months or more is really no exception. And say, how enticing is combining online meetings with the pleasure of a private pool in a vacation setting with a fine climate? And how beneficial is this development for returns for landlords?

Tip: Always ensure adequate security and preferably create a guest network with easy-to-remember login credentials. Place range extenders so the signal remains powerful enough even in the garden or on the patio. Include this thought when you rent and also make this information clear when the guest is orienting. After all, satisfied guests are the best advertisers.