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The mandatory environmental sticker in France


France is known worldwide for its beautiful landscapes, rich culture and delicious cuisine. However, like many other countries, France faces environmental problems that require attention and action. One of the measures the country has taken to improve air quality and reduce the impact of vehicles on the environment is the introduction of the mandatory environmental sticker. In this blog article, we will elaborate on what this sticker entails, why it is important and how you can comply with it.

What is the mandatory Environmental Sticker?

The mandatory environmental sticker, also known as the Crit’Air sticker, is a color-coded sticker that must be placed on the windshield of vehicles. The purpose of this sticker is to classify vehicles based on their environmental performance. The classification is determined by several factors, including fuel type, vehicle age and emissions standards. Based on this classification, vehicles are classified into different environmental categories, ranging from 0 (very clean) to 5 (highly polluting).

Why is the Environmental Sticker important?

The introduction of the mandatory environmental sticker in France is a response to increasing air pollution and the impact of vehicles on air quality. By classifying vehicles according to their environmental performance, the government can take targeted measures to discourage polluting vehicles and encourage clean vehicles. This helps reduce pollutant emissions and improve living conditions in urban areas.

How does the Environmental Sticker work in practice?

To meet the requirements, drivers of vehicles wishing to drive in air pollution-affected areas must purchase the appropriate environmental sticker and affix it to their windshield. This sticker is mandatory for both French and foreign vehicles. The color of the sticker indicates which environmental category the vehicle belongs to and thus which areas it can enter. For example, cities can impose temporary driving bans on vehicles with a certain color sticker on days with poor air quality.

How can you obtain an Environmental Sticker?

The environmental sticker can be purchased online through the website of our partner Vignette Needed (www.vignetnodig.nl). Here you will also find further information and in which areas the Environmental Sticker is now mandatory.